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Shihan (Tianjin) energy conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

Shihan (Tianjin) energy conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading environmental protection technology and service provider engaged in industrial sewage treatment, fluid material concentration and "zero discharge" of highly difficult wastewater in China. It is committed to the full cycle comprehensive high-tech services of project design and R & D, technical consultation, engineering design, system integration, investment construction and operation and maintenance.

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  • Water treatment filter material is mainly used for the filtration of domestic sewage, industrial sewage and pure water.

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  • Ion exchange resin is mainly used for softening wastewater, ion separation and resource recovery.

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  • Reverse osmosis membrane is used for the separation, concentration and purification of wastewater.

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  • Degassing membrane is a membrane separation product used for the removal of carbon dioxide, oxygen and ammonia nitrogen in water.

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  • Advanced oxidation technology for advanced treatment of high concentration cod wastewater.

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  • The forced circulation evaporation crystallizer is used for the evaporation and crystallization of the solution with crystal precipitation.

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  • SROM oil removal membrane is an ultrafiltration membrane driven by pressure difference.

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Sewage treatment project of a hospital in Shandong
Zero discharge of formaldehyde, methanol, dimethylamine and trimethylamine waste
Treatment of titanium pickling wastewater ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis
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200t / D acid heavy metal wastewater treatment project
Wastewater deamination Department of a chemical enterprise in Shaoguan, Guangdon
A chemical wastewater treatment project in Tongren, Guizhou
Tertiary treatment of urban wastewater in the Middle East
Direct drinking water equipment project of Yujing Hot Spring Resort Hotel
Lanzhou Locke intercontinental hotel direct drinking water system
Case study of direct drinking water equipment project in Huludao Cultural Center

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